I was ready bright and early. I was on my way to visit the installation marking the end of the Battle of the Somme in World War 1.

Parking woes

I drove to the local railway station, Milton, which has a small free car park. The last time I used the train to go to Bristol was for an appointment at the Eye Hospital – it’s not drive-able, as drops used in the consultation disrupt the vision for a few hours. Anyway, on this occasion I parked for the first time at Worle station which, I discovered, is not free. The ticket machine  took change only – no notes or cards. It was the wrong moment to be short of change and there was nowhere to get some before the arrival of the train in 5 minutes time. So  put in all the change I had, which was more than required for the lower time limit of parking, but not enough for the full 24 hours – the next charging level. Still, the amount I paid showed on the ticket, and I had paid a fair bit more than the minimum parking charge.I took a chance and left the car, rather than risk being late for my appointment.

Guess what happened? Exactly – I  got back to the car 5 hours later to find a parking ticket…. Grrrrr!

Lesson learnt; I chose to park this time at Milton. Fewer trains stop here, and the journey is 5 minutes longer, but there’s less risk of parking mishaps!

Google maps are so useful – not

Inew-zealand-badgen order to keep myself fit, I like to walk. I have a Fitbit. It has made me obsessed with counting steps – according to Fitbit, I’ve walked the length of New Zealand in the last 6 months!

However, I’ve never walked from Bristol Templemeads to Bristol Cathedral before, so I brought up Google Maps on my phone and just followed the arrow – so useful, I hear you say!

Big mistake………..

For those of you than know this route, the idea is to turn right out of Templemeads and walk towards Queen Square. Unfortunately Google Maps told me to turn left. I found myself walking in a square amongst several blocks of high-rise flats. Eventually, I arrived at the front of St Mary Redcliffe church before negotiating a dual carriageway to get onto the route I should have taken.

Still – it was an extra 3000 steps, I suppose. Yay!


Nearly there




Google maps had eventually served its purpose,  and I knew the way from here; the Millennium Bridge.

I found my way across the bridge to Millennium Square. I was loving the fresh air, new views and having nothing to carry.

I was not in a rush, had nowhere else to go and was not worried about parking.

What a novelty!



I’ve lived near Weston-super-Mare for the last 26 years, but I’ve never been on College Green. I’ve been in the cathedral on the occasion of my graduation from my BSc (Hons) in Nursing Studies, but not really had time to drink in the surroundings.

I walked up the steps at the side of the cathedral and discovered an oasis in the middle of the city. There were a few people milling about, and I could see the memorial next to the cathedral bell tower 100 yards ahead of me. The cathedral bells were ringing, announcing a service to commemorate the last day of the battle of the Somme.

At exactly the right moment, the sun came out.

combined-somme-picturesWhat can I say. It was quite emotional and very atmospheric. It will stay in my memory for a long time to come.

The rest of the day

After watching the parade of girls from the cathedral school walk to the cathedral for a celebration of their 400 year school anniversary, I wandered across the road to the harbour.

I’ve never really walked around this side of Bristol. I came across little gems I never know existed. Here are some of my discoveries:


⊗  Bristol has a ferry from Templemeads to the city centre and back


⊗ There is a gothic church tower hidden between the office blocks on the left as you
walk up Corn Street

⊗ St Nicholas Market, nearer the top of Corn Street, has some beautiful items on offer

⊗ There are many street food stalls on the way from Corn Street to the main shops. The smells were amazing!




And finally…….

Needless to say, my first day off work as a part-timer was a rip-roaring success.

Thanks for reading – I hope you enjoyed it.

I’d be interested to hear your comments and suggestions


Next week – A walk around Brean Down