Hi all, me again!

Are you wondering where I chose to go today?

I had originally decided to go back to nature (too cold!! I hear you shout…) No! Not naturist – nature!

I was aiming to visit the Bridgwater Bay National Nature Reserve. I had no idea that there was a nature reserve so nearby. However, it’s a bit remote/ wintry at this time of year. Who would rescue me if I fell over and broke a hip?? In any case, I expect all the birds have flown south for the winter, except for the ones in the picture I took this morning. They are a new breed found this week in Somerset –  Birdus Domesticus – that are using electricity to keep warm.


Anyway, seriously, this week’s visit was to –

Clevedon sea front


We’ve been to Clevedon seafront many times, as I’m sure you have if you live nearby. When we go, we usually navigate by pub. A beer at the Moon and Sixpence to watch the sunset over the pier, or brunch at the Little Harp. I remember once, when Bailey was a puppy, going to the Salthouse to listen to Sunday afternoon jazz . Little did we know that he would ‘drop off the children’ on the steps where everyone was sitting (a euphemism that makes me giggle every time!)

Last spring, the better half and I assembled a picnic, grabbed a couple of spider-infested camping chairs from the shed, parked beside the Little Harp and settled ourselves at the foot of the bandstand, pretending to be groupies for our friend who was performing there. After all the effort we put in, she never even noticed til we tapped her on the shoulder at half time…

Anyway, I digress. In short, I’ve never walked the whole length of Clevedon seafront from the Salthouse to the Moon and Sixpence. Perfect, I thought.

Start at the Salthouse…

I parked my little car on the road and walked towards the Marine Lake.salthouse-steps

The first thing I spotted that I’d never seen before was a flight of steps cut into the hillside on my left.



Off I went, looking forward to seeing what was at the top. They went on and on……….

This’ll be good for my Fitbit floors, I thought as I puffed my way to the top. You’ll see how many floors I climbed at the end.



Did you see on the local news a few weeks ago about the moth that lays its eggs inside leaves in the autumn? Then they all hatch out, causing a moth-plague. Ugh!!

Well, looking at the leaves (as an excuse to get my breath back) they all looked like this:


Scary! Still, it gave me the impetus I needed to get to the top.

Hidden away

The woodland gave way to a grassy hill, which was a bit muddy and covered with mole hills. A bit more walking up hill revealed some unexpected delights

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St Andrews church is hidden away in a valley. As a visitor, you would never know it was there, even though the church is big and the churchyard even bigger. I was pleased to see that just visible in the background behind the church is the harbour at the mouth of the river which runs next to Clevedon Golf Centre in Strode Road.

The golf centre is one of my favourite places to play golf. Great if you have only 2 hours to spare, but still want fab views of the Bristol Channel. I often see people walking up the other side of the hill behind the church – now I know where they are heading!

Walking back down to the sea

I could have headed for the Iron Fort (useful things, these signposts!) but I decided to turn right and head back towards the seafront. I met 2 labradors taking their person for a walk, but otherwise, the path was deserted. I rounded a bend and found this.


It was built around 1835 to serve as a lookout for the sugar ships, according to the plaque. I went on to discover lots of things with plaques on before I reached the pier.They seem to have one thing in common – substantial amounts of space devoted to those who restored the thing, or donated the plaque….

At the bottom of the hill is a great view of Clevedon Pier.pier-from-marine-lake

The path continued, curving around the marine lake on its way back to the seafront, with the pier getting gradually larger in the background. I couldn’t stop taking photos. It looked like it was floating. I’m not going to bore you with them all, so I’ve dotted a few of the best ones here and there. Suffice to say that by the time I arrived at the pier, I was really looking forward to walking along it. However, Sod’s Law came into play again….

As I reached the promenade, I was hit by the scrummy smell of someone cooking breakfast – pastries, bacon and other goodies.


It was sooo tempting! Needless to say I’m feeling very virtuous right now

Things to see

Here are some of the things I noticed on the way to and from the pier,that I’d not noticed before


The Pier

There are some bits of the promenade I’ve never seen because I usually travel by car between pubs. This includes the boathouse – good view of the pier from here.



I wandered along, drinking it all in. I went down the hill on the path towards the causeway, intent on taking a picture from the edge of the water. As I walked back, there were collections of people and equipment at the arches below the promenade, as well as on the prom itself. I thought they were fishermen on a day out (bless!) but as I carried on up the steps back onto the prom, I saw cameras and people in costume.

I’m glad I walked, because the usual practice of pub-related parking would have been a no-no due to all the equipment vans.They were filming! Something to with the Polish killed in the second world war, which explained the vintage police uniforms.

Unfortunately, it meant that the pier was closed. Damn!


I walked back, resisting the temptation to stop at one of the nice little coffee shops opposite the pier.

And finally…..Weird Trees

One last picture. It looks like it’s always been a bit windy on Clevedon seafront, judging by the shape of the trees….


I hope you enjoyed today’s KimTime installment as much as I did.

Here are the steps from my Fitbit:


Roll on next Friday!