Hello everyone! What a beautiful morning – bright, frosty and very chilly with deep blue skies. The perfect day for a walk.

Gotta get organised

Getting ready to go out in the cold was like a military operation:

  • 2 pairs of socks
  • The thick woolly jumper with the huge roll neck – don’t want the cold getting in 
  • Thermal vest
  • Sunglasses (the ones with extra UV for protection in bright sunshine – after all, I don’t want to scorch my retinas!)
  • Hat that covers my ears – ear,ear!
  • Gloves

I picked my way down the path, regretting not replenishing the salt container since the last hard frost – we have a slippery drive, you know….

In spite of all my efforts, I still forgot to pick up the scraper. My Nectar card was in the car from the last time I forgot the scraper, but was it sadly not much help today.

Don’t ask me why I couldn’t go 20 yards back up the drive and fetch a scraper – that would be too sensible now, wouldn’t it? In the end, the windscreen blower did its job.

How do I get there? (…….and where I am going?)

I knew vaguely where I wanted to go, but I wasn’t definite about how to get there. Play it by ear, I thought. For those of you who read about my trip to Clevedon Pier before Christmas, you’ll know that I followed the route in red on the map. The green star is where I parked, so I parked there again, to walk in the opposite direction. The blue line shows the route I took today.

Map of the coastal path around Clevedon

When I found myself at St Andrew’s church on the red route, there was a choice between turning right or left. On that occasion, I turned right – the path led to Clevedon’s Marine Parade.

This time I turned left at the signpost, on the coastal path towards the Iron Age Hill Fort. iron-age-fort-sign

The Benefit of Solitude (sounds like a crater on the moon, doesn’t it?)

It was fantastic walking up the hill. I think the best word to describe it was ‘serene’. When bridgeyour brain is full of work or other stressors, what do you do to straighten them out?

I’ve never been a fan of walking for the sake of it, or belonging to clubs that walk to places. In the past I’ve always needed somewhere to go to justify a walk. For example,when I’m in London,  I walk to get from A to B rather than take the tube. Today, I had an idea for a walk but no endpoint in mind, except for finding my way back to the car.

Just walking in the cold bright air – with a fabulous view and silence except for the birds, and time to myself – untangled the spaghetti of thoughts sitting in my head. I just picked one, followed the train of thought to the end, then picked another one. That’s the Benefit of Solitude!

What a view!

There is an amazing view of the surrounding area at the top of Wain’s Hill. Here are a few of the pictures I took – at the top of this page is a 360 degree panoramic picture of the whole view.

Poet’s Walk

The pathway around the church and over the hill is called Poets Walk. I wandered round and wondered why? Well, apparently, there’s some history:

  • In 1795 the Romantic poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, stayed there several months after his marriage to Sarah Fricker.
  • William Makepeace Thackeray (author of Vanity Fair) was a frequent guest of the Elton family at Clevedon Court in the mid-19th century.
  • Alfred, Lord Tennyson, also stayed Clevedon Court in 1850
  • In 1909 the young poet Rupert Brooke came to Clevedon to recover from an in illness.

Whatever the reason, it’s a lovely place. The views are stunning, and the weather was perfect.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To cut a long story short…

I have all sorts of little anecdotes from the rest of my walk, which took me round the boatyard, across Marshall’s Field, and through Clevedon pay and play golf course to the beach, and then back.

Things like, the boats parked on the footpath – how did they get there? The tide must have been very high ….

The tide is very low today

On the golf course, I’m sure I spotted the seagull that nicks the golf balls! (my excuse when I can’t find where my ball landed)

That pesky seagull….

And something I never expected – getting stuck on hole 8 after climbing up from the beach  instead of walking around on the path. I tried to get back to the path by going through the gate in the wrong direction…. Doh!

A picture paints a thousand words so there are some pictures of the boats and the beach.


How many steps?

As you know if you’ve read my previous blogs, I am rather attached to my fitbit. I knew the walk might be a bit hilly, so I was hoping to get a few floors recorded. Here are the scores on the doors for today’s walk.

Intense activity!
25 floors!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Your comments are welcome.

Please send me any suggestions you have for Kimtime activities!

See you all next week.