Storm Doris was over. The village looked like someone had emptied a giant wheelie bin all over it – shame that bin day coincided with the day of the storm. But the sun was shining this morning, and it was perfect weather for a walk.

I’d already decided that this week would involve taking Bailey and Harvey to the park – Ashcombe Park in Weston-super-Mare.


Bit boring, you might be thinking…. Well, Martin was going to be there with his camera to capture doggie pics, so I thought it would be nice to meet him. Martin runs the Facebook group called The Bark side of Weston-super-Mare , which is a great virtual place to get together with other local dog owners, sharing pictures and stories. The group took only a couple of weeks to gain over 1000 members.

I love the doggie pictures, especially Martin’s action shots. I was looking forward to meeting some lovely dogs and their owners, as well as getting a free photoshoot of the boys.

So today’s kimtime is a very waggy doggie tail!

How do I get there?

Now, as those of you who know me will appreciate, I live in a village with at least a mile’s walk to anywhere. I have a lovely little blue Smartcar to run about in. However, it’s difficult for the dogs. I’m sure they would fit in, and Bailey has tried it in the back, but Harvey needs to jump in sideways and he just can’t work out how to get past the cord that holds the tailgate when it’s open. He’s far too big and heavy for me to lift.

There’s another..  err.. problem. As there are no back seats in a Smartcar, the boys would be be sat right behind me. If I went more than a few metres with them  in the back, I would be licked to within an inch of my life! Ugh – slobber!

So the other half and I made arrangements to swap cars for the day. It’s a good job golf clubs and a trolley will fit into a Smartcar!

Of course, he’d forgotten the arrangement by this morning, and I had to yell out of the bedroom window to stop him preparing to leave for golf in his own car. Blame it on our age….

Off we go!

Come on boys! I said. They were comfy in their beds in the sunshine, having already had breakfast and a walk, so they gave me a look but did not move.


Don’t you want your photo taken? I said, a bit louder this time. No response

So I locked the back door, collected leads, doggie bags and my coat, then called out, do you want a walk? They were at the front door in a flash, nearly knocking me over in the rush. Harvey was jumping up and down in excitement. They headed for the car and 2 minutes later we were on our way to Ashcombe Park.

Dogs everywhere!

The park was sparkling in the sunshine.martin-in-action

As we arrived at the play area, I could see 2 or 3 people with tripods, and a few dogs running around. In the distance was someone striding along with a large camera – I assumed this was Martin.

As I got closer, it became clear that there were dogs everywhere. Bailey and Harvey were having a great time saying hello to them all.

Isn’t it funny how dogs often look like their owners…

We made our way over, negotiating a few doggie distractions on the way.

We met Martin and had a chat. Will they chase a stick? he asked.

Now there’s a complicated answer to this question. We don’t throw sticks for them, because of the risk of injury. Bailey used to chase a ball and bring it back, but hasn’t done it for a while. Harv may run towards a stick, but will probably rapidly lose interest. And if he decides to pick it up, he will only bring it half way back.

To keep it simple,  I said maybe...

We had a fun 10 minutes trying to get them to run, with Martin and his colleagues snapping away with their cameras. Then, as others came over, it was nice to chat with liked-minded dog people in the sunshine.

What about steps?

I knew that it would be difficult to get 10,000 steps just walking around the park, but I had a go anyway. I think the boys made it to 10,000, as they were running around like nutter-dogs the whole time – they have twice as many legs, so does this mean double the steps?

It was as if spring was bursting out all over…

Here are some more pics of our stroll. We went right round the boundary of the park, then up the hill and back towards the kiddie park

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I arrived back at the photoshoot, finding the same people still there; it didn’t take long to walk all the way around the park.

How many steps? they asked. Not enough! I said. It was actually about 1300, so today’s total so far is 4100.


I would normally walk the boys from the village over to Locking Parklands, and then around the fields and back, which is about 4,000 steps. I’m not sure how possible this will be today, as they are obviously dog-tired and, at 10 and 11 years old, they’re getting on a bit.

Then I’m meeting the girls on the seafront for a drink before we head to Zeera for food, so that should take care of another 2,000 steps. So maybe I’ll get there in the end!

Thanks for reading – I’d love to hear any comments you have here, and please feel free to include any suggestions for future kimtime.

See you next week!


A quick note from Saturday to say

Steps achieved!