It’s Friday again already. Lots can change in a week, and -indeed – this week, it has.

In fact, it’s been Kimtime all week.

Read on for a rollercoaster ride of change!


It started with a fantastic weekend with the girls. 10 of us spent an amazing couple of days in 2 luxury lodges at Cheddar Woods resort and spa.

We ate loads, drank even more, laughed a lot, played silly games and lounged about in the hot tub.

Lovely way to relax
Best friends
Sunrise in the tub
Bacon rolls for breakfast

By Sunday afternoon, there were only 4 of us left, so we decanted into the smaller lodge – the one with the hot tub. We spent a very lazy evening with face masks on in front of the telly,  after a nice dinner made up of the remains of the food we brought with us.

It was a lovely weekend.


I arrived home after a very long journey back (6 miles!) and it was all change again. The old fella finished work at lunchtime. We packed a small bag, then wended our way in my little car down the M4 and A34 to Portsmouth – his home town.

My little car

We were heading for Laura and Trish’s place for an overnight stay. Laura is John’s sister. Harry – John’s brother – was also heading to the same place. The occasion was a funeral.  Trish and Julie (Harry’s wife) were working the following day, so couldn’t come.

The funeral was for Auntie Rita – an elderly relative. We hadn’t seen her for a long time, but kept in touch via Christmas cards and the odd letter. She had a long and active life, and died aged 92.

It’s funny how funerals bring people together. It was great to catch up with family, and meet family that I knew nothing about. There were people there that John, Harry and Laura knew of but, in most cases, had never met.

The funeral was a fond farewell. We learned all about Rita’s younger days, what she did in the war and the way she lived her life.

There were photos and flowers, laughter and tears. Vera Lynn’s songs rolled back the years.

Afterwards, we headed for the pub – as you do.

Harry Laura and John
The Wrights – Peas in a pod!

Later, heading our separate ways, we pledged to meet up at the next family event – a 50th birthday bash in Birmingham in June.

And then?

All of a sudden, it was Thursday. D-day? or maybe I’ll rename it R-day….

To explain, I’d had a few months of feeling particularly useless at work. My last project finished in late summer, and I’d been working from home since then, just doing bits and pieces until the next project came along.

In late November, there was still no sign of the promised project, so I’d offered to drop to 4 days a week to stop myself feeling the stress of having to sit waiting for work 5 days a week. This marked the birth of Kimtime and this blog.

Since New Year, the type of work I do has been non-existent. The nature of the work the company does has changed to something that does not interest me, and so, I don’t have the mental capacity to learn it.I felt like we were no longer helping the NHS to improve, but merely stopping hospitals from going under.  In the end, unable to make a difference and lacking contact or input from any of my colleagues, I could sit idle no longer . I emailed my boss with a set of options, one of which was redundancy. After a meeting in late Feb, I was officially put at risk. The consultation period ended yesterday and now I am officially redundant.


Attempt at a cheek-sucking selfie!

Moving on….

At the same time as this was happening, I was invited for a couple of interviews at a local NHS Trust. And guess what?

My new job starts at the end of April!


I’ll have to park far enough away at work to get steps at the beginning and end of the day, and  Bailey and Harvey will be missing out on our daily dog walking.The old fella will have to take over.

I’m not sure they are bothered…..

Walk…what walk??

So what now?

Well, next week I’m off on holiday somewhere hot for a couple of weeks, before starting work back within  rather than on behalf of the NHS, doing something that I hope will properly make a difference to the people that use it.

I may have to give up discovering local places on a Friday, as I’ll be working full time.  And my Marie Curie voluntary work  will start on the week I get back from hols.

This may well be the end of Kimtime for now, but I’m looking into publishing the last 17 weeks as a book, so watch this space!

I will try and finish my attempts at pottery, and will post pictures when I have.

…… and finally

Thanks for reading my ramblings over the weeks. Please feel free to comment here

It’s been lovely talking to you and I may well try to keep going if I can – we’ll see!