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Hello again.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote about Gerry’s progress following a sudden and critical illness.

He’s been at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London since mid-January, receiving life-saving treatment. Kate, his wife, has been with him constantly.

Kate is blown away by the messages of support and the donations given following the setup of a JustGiving site to help support her accommodation needs in London. Thanks to everyone, we’ve blasted through the updated £2000 target, which is good news, as Gerry will need to be at the Brompton longer than first thought.

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Kate tells us that the wonderful hospital staff looking after Gerry come from every part of the world. They are all excellent, and she worries that they will be lost, with the changes that result from Brexit.

Friends have been receiving regular updates about Gerry’s condition from Kate . He’s making slow but steady progress. Gerry is still on the ECMO machine, and having help with breathing, but each tiny step is a positive one.

Kate says;

At times it has been like being on a rollercoaster. For example, today Gerry has a heart arrhythmia, but the wonderful staff at the Brompton are managing the problem. 
One of the other patients walked for the first time this year; it gave me hope. The human spirit is amazing. Every week, Gerry gets nearer to home.

Recently, Kate took this picture of Gerry. Gerry smile Jan 2018

When she gives an update, she always ends by saying hug the one you love.  

Excellent advice, don’t you think?



I’m know I speak for everyone when I say, we are all sending Gerry and Kate our prayers, thoughts and best wishes every day.

If you’d like to help Kate stay with Gerry until he is well enough to be transferred back to the west country, please go to the JustGiving site and donate – it’s so simple, and every donation, no matter how small, helps to keep this lovely couple together in Gerry’s time of need.

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